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Okay, I'm a fanfiction author.

Now what?


Now I’m a fanfiction do I get someone to read the darn thing?

You’ve done it! You’ve written the plunny and taken the steps to becoming a novice fanfiction author. But now, how do I share my works with others?

Through social media, of course! Remember when promoting, be humble. It’s a balance of confidence in your writing versus understanding one key lesson: not everyone will read your fanfiction. Shocking, right? Nah, you probably already knew that. But it is important, because once you’ve posted, you’ve opened yourself up to the next phase:


Feedback can come in many forms: favorites, follows, kudos, comments, and reviews. Some of these reviews will be awesome and make you giddy. Others will try to knock you down a peg or two.

Here’s some terms to remember:


  • Favorite: When someone has favorited your work, it shows up under their favorites on their author page.
  • Follow: When someone follows your story, they will receive updates when you have posted a new chapter.
  • Kudos: This is found on A03. This is the equivalent of someone giving you a ‘like’ on facebook.
  • Comment/Review: Feedback for a story. Can be positive or negative.
  • Flame: Negative review. This falls under unsolicited, rude reviews/ unhelpful criticism.
  • Con-crit: This is a fanfiction term for Constructive Criticism. Remember that not all con-crit is meant to be taken negatively, and some authors do try to help you grow by showing you where you might have typo’d on accident.
  • Anon: an anonymous reviewer who has not signed in to their account to leave a review.

It is IMPORTANT to remember: do NOT take flames personally! This is the internet, and trolls are everywhere. If you find one, don’t feed it. Just remember “Troll in the dungeon!” and move on with your day! If you need a safe place to talk, I admin a group called “Abusive Reviews Survivors’ Elysium” on facebook, and any fanfiction author is welcome there. The link can be found here:


Now, how do I share my works with others?

  • There are several ways. After interviewing several of my fanfiction author friends, I’ve compiled a list of their favorite ways to get in touch with an audience. You will already have emails going out to those who subscribe to your works, but you want to build an audience, yes?


  • Creating a Tumblr under your penname and posting it to your author’s page on your writing medias can be a great tool to keep involved with readers!

Facebook groups

  • I, myself, write Harry Potter fanfiction, so I look up groups that share my interests! There, I share my works. If you’re unsure how to get started, just google ‘fanfiction groups’ and then your fandom and ‘facebook’ - you’re bound to find something!


  • Same as with Tumblr, and you can link the two together!

Author page on facebook

  • This one might seem tricky, but it’s really not! Make a page, give it your penname, and link it to the social media accounts you’ve just created! Now share that to your author’s page on your writing platforms. It’s a great way to build up an audience, post new chapters, and share within groups!


If you ever have any questions, my door is always open! Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!