A2F Panel - Writing Is Hard

During our Writing Is Hard panel this year, the audience created a character, setting, and small outline. We encourage any and all to join in the fun! Please take this prompt, make a short story, and send it to us to feature on the website! We will gladly showcase the talents! (Make it as silly or as serious as you want.)
~Amy and Jennifer


Your world must contain the following:

* Set 50 years in the future
* Within the polynesian Islands
* Colony community
* All humans have wings but do not have hands!
* No hollow bones in the wings
* Men HAVE to wear dresses


Your main character's stats:

* Name: Francis George
* Female
* Her motivation is money
* Favorite Food: Sushi-Spaghetti
* Least favorite TV Show: Full Metal Alchemist
* 10 half-siblings
* Strength: perseverance
* Flaw: Materialistic
* Shows love by: Punching people in the face
* Murders for fun



In the first chapter:
An abortion, visiting a McDonalds, meeting a mysterious new friend named Jonathan, who has hands and no wings. He still wears a dress.

In the last chapter:
World domination, robot hands, francis adopts a little boy.

THing that must be included through the rest of the story:
mention of pudding


HAVE FUN AND SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO! Email your submissions to wicklandomalley@gmail.com - subject line: WHERE'S FRANCIS? (Because who doesn't love a good deadpool joke?)